Jobs and/or Roles of this Social Scientist* What kinds of topics and artifacts might this social scientist study?
  • What kinds of jobs might this social scientist have?
  • What (if anything) might this social scientist make?
    In the space below, we will make a list of ideas to answer the questions above.
Questions this Social Scientist Might Ask

In the space below, we will make a list of the kinds of questions that we think this social scientist might ask.
  • Economists study how people spend their money
  • Economists study the needs and wants of the people
  • Economists study how much money people are making
  • Economists study the economy. That means they study how people use their resources to meet their needs.
  • Why are people buying one thing or another?
  • What is impacting the buying choices that people make?
  • Why are people buying more wants than needs?
  • What are the spending habits of people?
  • Why do companies make the products they make?
  • Why are companies selling the things they sell and charging the price they charge?