Jobs and/or Roles of this Social Scientist
  • What kinds of topics and artifacts might this social scientist study?
  • What kinds of jobs might this social scientist have?
  • What (if anything) might this social scientist make?
    In the space below, we will make a list of ideas to answer the questions above.
Questions this Social Scientist Might Ask

In the space below, we will make a list of the kinds of questions that we think this social scientist might ask.
  • Geographers study why people move from one place to another
  • Geographers study different places around the world
  • Geographers travel around the world
  • Geographer might use a compass
  • Geographers study the land
  • Geographers use maps and globes!!!!
  • Geographer looks at changes in land and how the changes impact people
  • Geographers study how people change the Earth
  • Geographers study human characteristics/features-cities, towns, bridges
  • Geographers study physical characteristics/natural features-mountains, deserts, rivers, lakes
  • Why are people cutting down trees?
  • Why are people moving to a particular state?
  • How are people changing the land? Why are people changing the land?
  • How do different people live around the world?