What is government?

Government is the people who solve problems and make laws. They the leaders of our community, state, and country.

What is a constitution?

A constitution is a plan for government. It explains the way the power is divided (3 branches and 3 levels of government)and some our most important laws. Our Preamble (the beginning of our Constitution) explains the purpose of government according to our Founding Fathers.

What is the purpose of government?

  • Making things fair and honest for everyone
  • Making sure we can all have a nice life and get along with one another.
  • Protecting ourselves from other people or countries who might try to harm us (war) and helping ourselves if we have been harmed
  • Helping to make life good for everybody. (Having enough to eat, a place to live, being safe, and having friend and fun times are some of the things that make our life good.)
  • Protecting our rights and freedoms and not letting anyone take them away. (Being able to choose our religion, say what we think, and to get together with friends, family, and other people are the some of the freedoms we have.)

How does the government make sure the purpose is fulfilled?

(What specific things do they do or take care of?)

  • Build schools and pay for children to be educated
  • Build and repair roads and highways
  • Building libraries, hospitals, courthouses
  • Have programs to help give money to people in need
  • Maintain and build state and local parks
  • Make laws to protect our rights and keep us safe
  • Put up traffic signs and lights
  • Supreme court makes sure laws are in line with our Constitution
  • Collect taxes!! Tax money pays for all of the above
  • Have a military (Army, Navy, Marines)
*The are many more jobs that the government does. These are just a few examples.

What might happen if a country didn't have a government?

What would some possible consequences be?

  • It could be dangerous and unsafe. There would not be people to help/protect us such as police, firemen, or military.
  • Our rights could be taken away by others. We could be hurt or bothered. We might not be free to speak our minds or make our own choices.
  • Our property could be taken or damaged.
  • The conditions could be unsafe...broken bridges, roads, sidewalks, etc.
  • Fewer people might receive an education
  • There wouldn't be laws to help us...traffic laws
  • Environment could be damaged without laws to protect it.
  • Some people may not be able to receive proper medical care.